Ekual HRIS

In global business environment, personnel information management is considered vital yet many companies do not have the proper tools to manage information about its people. Large or small, companies have to be smarter in their way to leverage all their resources. Human Resources in this regard may become the most critical base. Ekual Human Resource Information System is designed to unleash the potential power of people while giving a proper tool to manage and control information within the cycle of human resource management. more

Ekual ERP

Ekual ERP is an innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system fit with technological advances, and the high demand of the company, in managing data, are strongly associated with business processes, security, speed, and accuracy. This comprehensive business application for small-to-midsize organizations is scalable, easy to configure, and simple to use. company, either in the form of reduction or cost savings and increased revenue. more

Head Office

Kompleks Emerald UB-18, Summarecon Bekasi Jalan Boulevard Selatan Bekasi Utara 17142 - Indonesia Phone 021-296 204 75

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